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Vivien Lau is the founder of Freedom of Choices Consulting,  believes that everyone has freedom to choose where they want to live and the lifestyle they want.

Meet Vivien, founder of Freedom of Choices Consulting and your guide to moving and adapting to the Australian lifestyle. Born in Hong Kong and raised in Brisbane, Vivien knows firsthand the challenges of navigating cross-cultural differences. She has spent the past 23 years working across Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong, and Brisbane, gaining invaluable experience and insights into Australian, Hong Kong, and Asian cultures.

Vivien is grateful for the privilege of migrating to Australia through her parents' decision, and she is passionate about helping others achieve their dreams of becoming Australian Permanent Residents. With her expertise and guidance, many families have successfully made the transition to their new home.

If you're a Global Talent looking to make Australia your permanent residence, Vivien and her team at Freedom of Choices Consulting can help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to learn more.

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Our Mission

Getting permanent residency is just the beginning of your journey! We understand migration is an important life-time decision.  Starting a new life in another country can be intimidating.

Fast track your Australian Visa process

Freedom of Choices provides assistance for all your migration needs from the time you begin your journey in collaboration with our business affiliates.

Freedom of Choices works with reliable and trustworthy business partners to provide you the assurance and professional advice to ease your worries. We work closely with our clients to help them achieve the goal of their own choices.

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Students Visa

Students Visa

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Skill Visa

Skill Visa

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Skill Work Regional Visa

Skill Work Regional Visa

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Discover the Perfect Property in Australia with Our Expert Guidance

"At Freedom of Choices Consulting, we understand that finding the right property is an essential part of your journey to a new life in Australia.

Looking for a property in Australia? Look no further! Our partnership with iPAN Property Network grants us access to an extensive selection of developers and properties in major cities across the country. With over a decade of experience in the field, we are confident in our ability to help you find the perfect home or investment opportunity. Trust us to be your reliable guide as you search for a place to truly feels like home.”

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